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Science City Launches New Branding to Reflect Celebrated Evolution as well as Bold Vision for the Future

October 5, 2017

VML Applies Fresh Insights to New Design, 18 Years after Creating Original Science City Logo

Kansas City (Oct. 5, 2017)  Union Station and VML officials today unveiled new branding for Kansas City’s internationally-awarded Science City. Reimagined for the first time in 18 years, this marks a transformational moment and precedes a major announcement scheduled for October 10th regarding the next evolutionary step for the celebrated science-learning destination.

"This is a very exciting time for Science City, and this is our launch pad if you will,” George Guastello, Union Station president and CEO, said. “This new branding reflects our collective enthusiasm and focus on continuing our record-setting growth on the shoulders of what has been tremendous multi-year community validation. The bold new logo represents where Science City is today as well as our vision for the future.  It celebrates Science City’s place in Kansas City in a very literal and authentic way. And we can’t thank the talented team at VML enough for their insights and execution of this powerful brand presentation."

Science City's rebranding embraces not only its vitality in Downtown, but the substantial and fast-growing focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) learning across the education spectrum for which Science City is regularly acknowledged a regional and national leader.

“VML, with our world headquarters right here in Kansas City, has a keen interest in elevating our core community powerhouse brands,” Jon Cook, VML global CEO, said. “In the case of Science City, we’ve been in the mix since before they opened their doors in 1999. Their first logo was our creation, so it seemed a perfect fit to come alongside and apply the latest Science City insights and successes to this re-imagination. This new logo evokes creativity, discovery, imagination, and exploration. Science City has earned a place of prominence that is fresh, vibrant, approachable and fun. It’s all about inspiring lifelong learners — and we wanted the new branding to reflect that.”

The best logos find ways to convey a lot with very little.  In the case of Science City’s new branding, Union Station officials wanted to emphasize three essential elements:

  • The iconic architecture of Science City’s roof, designed to mimic the historic train sheds and passenger platforms originally extending east and west from Union Station and signaling the beginning of a journey of exploration and discovery.
  • Its strong position in the center of Kansas City’s skyline, establishing it as a unique and recognizable destination in the city, shouting vibrancy, creativity and commitment to growth.
  • Simple, bold, timeless design to convey the fun of Science City’s informal learning format that’s now internationally recognized and celebrated as leading-edge and vitally important in Kansas City’s STEM-based community and economy.

“Think about visiting a business or home decorated 18 years ago,” Michael Tritt, Union Station Chief Marketing Officer, said. “Science City is about the here and now . . . it’s modern, compelling and creating a very exciting future. It is indeed the right time to present the Science City brand in a new way.”

“Our research proved out how Science City has become the regional leader in informal STEM education programs,” Jerry Baber, Union Station executive vice president and COO, said. “Parents, children and educators alike light up upon entering the reimagined spaces and newly constructed elements, including the massive and most recent Simple Machines at Play outdoor area. Science City is not the same today as when it originally opened in 1999. Our focus has been honed and the community’s investments have been remarkable. The results we’ve generated remain the envy of attractions across our region.”

Union Station officials intend to roll out the new branding over the next several months, which coincides with a planned Oct. 10th announcement that will qualify as “transformational” yet again for Science City.

“We talk about Isaac Newton’s laws of motion and how they apply to our offerings here at Union Station,” Guastello, said. “We are a body in motion that intends to stay in motion, growing, evolving and constantly creating new community value. We will not become a body at rest. What we do at Science City — soon to proudly be wearing its new brand across its modern campus — is too important to the future of Kansas City’s children, families and educators.”


Science City, Kansas City’s Science Center -- Internationally awarded for “Visitor Experience” by ASTC and named one of the country’s TOP 25 science centers, Science City annually educates and entertains hundreds of thousands of science-thirsty children of all ages.  Kansas City’s Science Center is THE place for inquisitive young minds to create, explore, and experiment with the BIG world of science through hands-on learning and non-stop fun. Featuring over 200 interactive exhibits and host to countless STEM-based events -- including the annual Greater Kansas City Science & Engineering Fair -- Science City leads the region in recognition from educators, parents, caregivers AND children alike.

Union Station Kansas City -- a 501(c)3 non-profit organization -- is a 103-year-old historical landmark and celebrated civic asset renovated and reopened to the public in 1999. The organization -- dedicated to science education, celebration of community and preservation of history -- is home to Kansas City’s internationally-awarded Science City; the new Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium; the Regnier Extreme Screen Theatre; the popular Model Railroad Experience; H&R Block City Stage featuring live theater, and a selection of unique shops and restaurants. Union Station is also home to prominent area civic organizations and businesses, and regularly hosts world-class traveling exhibitions. Awarded “Top Banquet Facilities in KC” by KC Business Journal, the facility regularly hosts community events and private celebrations of all sizes. Visit for details. Also, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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