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Daily Science Activities

February 4 - December 31, 2021
Every Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Next Showing - June 19


SUNDAY  12 PM - 5 PM

Free with Science City admission!
(Union Station members receive free admission to Science City year-round!)

Science City Daily Activities 

April Theme: Superhero Science

Throughout the month, guests will learn how Science fiction allows us to dream of ways to make the impossible possible.  Whether you have ever dreamt of flying or being invisible we will show you the science that will make it possible.

Interactive Activities  | Early Learning Activities

Interactive Activities & Demonstrations

Activities are located throughout Science City. Guests are encouraged to participate in these hands-on activities. 

Demonstrations at the Periodic Table:

  • Creating a fire by compressing air and fuel like the human torch  (Fire syringe)

  • Reshaping materials into tools just like Elastic Girl (Tungsten Memory Wire)

  • Moving objects without touching them (Static Electric repulsion)

  • Watching how educators explain the ability to create invisibility (Use of light and mirrors)

Activities Around Science City:

  • Whip up a whirlwind just like Storm from the X-men with our tornado chamber (Tornado Chamber Located in the Midway)

  • Try to find Wonder Woman’s jet parked somewhere in Science City

  • Build your own secret base with our Kapla blocks (Located in Tapped Out Classroom)

Nature Works Chats at 11am & 3pm  

Early Learning Activities 

Early Learning at the Periodic Table 

Magnet Exploration:  Explore and learn about the properties of magmatism by sorting items that are and are not magnetic

Oobleck: Test out your sensory and observation skills by interacting with something that behaves like both a liquid and a solid. 

Inside Creative Corner

In Creative Corner our May activity will be Create a Sci Fi Comic! "Create your own sci fi character and tell their origin story in a 4 panel comic."